Stephanie, Photographer & Owner

Hello, I'm Stephanie, and I am socially awkward....just thought I would go ahead and give you a heads up. I have an addiction to coffee and Netflix like most people. I also have five kids...yup three boys and two girls! I love baby anything; my fav is humans! When I am not binging on Netflix or reading, you can find me outside. I'm an environmentalist and would love to live in a tiny house, if I didn't have so many kids and cats.  I am comfortable with all types of photography, so you don't have to worry! I encourage outside the "norm", there will be no judging! So come on, it will be fun despite what my resting bitch face says!

Nikola, Assistant

Hello. I’m Nikola, assistant to the Photographer. I am a lover of many things; nature, fall, music, cats, coffee and days gone past. This is why I love helping capture moments. I am a huge romantic and love being married to my husband. We collectively have five kiddos and were certified foster parents. I am an advocate for mental health, self-love and celebrating who you are right now. You are enough!


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